TECTONIC- Bridge Productions, Seattle, WA

We’re pleased to introduce TECTONIC, a group exhibition highlighting our 2016 lineup of guest and represented artists: Julie Alpert, Tim Cross, Sue Danielson, Emily Gherard, C. Davida Ingram, Dave Kennedy, Kat Larson, Ashleigh Robb, and Krista Svalbonas.

Each of these artists are connected through overlapping aesthetics and rigorous, process-based practice. Their narratives address ideas about location, dislocation, identity, repetition, and time. As a result, they gather naturally to form a distinctive group with a broad spectrum of styles and perspectives.

They bring with them an expansive array of work and materials from video and video paintings to traditional paintings; collage, photography, and drawing. Each embodies their own unique characteristics and style of storytelling, but share the binding qualities of strata, texture, documentation, and history. Though some are more bold in color and composition and others more quiet, when shown together these artists flesh out a particular aesthetic which speaks to the arresting nature of their natural, personal, and political landscape: formidably beautiful, quietly monumental, and powerfully moving.

Bridge represents six artists in this inaugural group show: Julie Alpert, Tim Cross, Sue Danielson, Emily Gherard, Dave Kennedy, and Kat Larson. We’re excited at the opportunities these relationships present, and look forward to unveiling our collaborations over the coming year!

Bridge Productions